Soon Duck Lim

Who am I?

I am the oldest one in the class. I came to the state when my age was three years older than half of my age now. I have been this country one year less than half of my age now. Can you guess my age? Anyway, age doesn't matter to learn about new things .

My name is Soon Duck Lim. I was born in Korea, earned B.A. degree majoring history from Seoul National University, and taught at a girls' high school for 9 years before came to the state. When I came to the state I wasn't prepare to teach at any school at all because of language problem. I had to go back to school and trained to be a math teacher. I earned M.Ed and Ed.D. from University of Houston.

I made my mind to be a teacher when I was 4 or 5 years old. I believe the reason to be a teacher was that there were many friends but not many other things to play at home at that time. Of course the reason was changed but the goal wasn't changed at all through the so many changes in my life. I love to be in school with students. When I am in the school, I forget all about outside of building including my family problems. It makes me happy to see most of my students' growing physically and mentally year after year. I feel that I am contributing for their future. I have taught a high school in Houston I.S.D. for 22 years and planning to retire year 2000.

Lessons developed at GirlTECH 95:(hold at Rice University