History of Math

<center><h2>History of Math</h2></center>


Grade Level/Subject

: High school level math


: None, except computer with Internet connection.

Activity 1

Ask each student write his/her feelings about mathematics. Share that with small groups of students in the class.

Activity 2

Use mahtematical quotation to search about great mathematicians' feelings about mathematics. Print out or copy down 5 most liked quotations. Share with classmates and talk why he/she picked those quotations.

Activity 3

Discuss or ask to write again their feelings about mathematics. Check the great mathematicians changed their attitude about mathematics.


Go back to mathematical quotaion pick at least 3 famous mathematicians, one from before year 1,000 A.D., one from between year 1,000 and year 1,900 A.D. and one from after 1,900, research and make a good written report about them. Find their contributions and similarities and differences between them.