BCIS Lessons presented by: Shirlyelaine Gray

Text: Microsoft Office for Windows OS: Tutorial and Applications
A class set of books will be used. Students should complete all assignments in class. A textbook may be assigned to a student at parents request.

Additional Class Materials: Business Computer Applications - Humanagement Office Simulations

Course Description: This course is designed to develop and enhance computer skills by using word processing for Word,Desktop Publishing, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and FrontPage.

The Texas Essential and Skills (TEKS) objectives for this course include development of skill related to computer operations and applications, general business knowledge, business communications, and also to the development of good interpersonal relationships and proper attitudes toward the work environment.

Course Objectives: Business Computer Information Systems extend proficiency in hands on skills related to microcomputer systems and applications for entry-level jobs. Emphasis is on basis skills for the following applications: (1) word processing (2) database (3) spreadsheet (4) telecommunications (5) desktop publishing (6) entry-level integrated software and (7) social implications of computer use. (Pre-requisite- Keyboarding )

Materials: Each student will need a folder with pockets for inserting class work. A No#2 pencil, red checking pen or red pencil, and a high lighter. Each student will need a Black or Blue pen for each class period.

Make-Up Work: Any make-up assignments may be done before or after school during tutorials or at another pre-arranged time. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the missed coursework for class. Suspensions or SAC assignments are not considered legitimate reasons for turning in late work.

Grading: Quizzes/Test accounts for 25% of the six week grade. Test scores include: Major curriculum Tests and Software Skills Test, Weekly lesson quizzes and Vocabulary quizzes. Homework/Vocabulary/Portfolio accounts for 25% of the six-week grade. Computer and daily exercises accounts for 25% of the six-week grade. Personal development and Class participation accounts for 25% of the six-week grade.

Grading Scale: 100--90 = A| 89--80 = B| 79--75 = C| 74--70 = C| 69& Below = F

Attendance: Good attendance is a must for all students. If you are to succeed in the business world, you must develop personal responsibility in this area. One of the first questions employers ask when seeking recommendations concerning the employment of a former student relates to the attendance. When you know in advance that you will be absent, you should notify your supervisor or instructor.

* If you must be absent, all assignments missed must be promptly made-up. Daily assignments coincide with regular attendance in class.

*Concerning tardiness, a before school detention will be issued for every 3rd tardy to class, (i.e.3rd, 6th, 9th, etc.).

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