Pre-Requisite - Keyboarding- Grade Level 9-12

PowerPoint is a office application that can help create a professional presentation. Powerpoint can be used to create slides, outlines, speaker's notes and audience handouts. A presentation can include text, clipart, graphs, table charts and sound or video clips.

You can view presentations five different ways: Normal view, Outline view, Slide view, Slide sorter view and Slide show.

Office assistant is available with tips, solutions, instructions and examples to help you work more efficiently. It appears when it anticipates you might need assistance. You can use office assistance for specific questions and to search for help. You choose the assistance from the help menu. Key your question and click search. The office assistant will suggest a list of help topics in response

You can Print using the Print dialog box. Presentations can be printed in slides using Slide options, notes using the Notes Page option or as an outline using Outline View option. You can also print handouts with two, three, four, six or nine slides per page.

The Auto Content Wizard will guide you through a series of questions about the presentation style, type of presentation style, types of presentation and output option.

Deleting Slides: A presentation created using the Auto Content Wizard includes a predetermined number of slides based on the type of presentation you chose. If you have a slide or slides that do not fit your presentation with the slide displayed, choose Delete Slide from the Edit menu. If you accidentally delete file choose undo from the edit menu.

Adding Text to Slides: Auto Wizard provides placeholders, click to replace text on placeholder. A box appears around text. You can then select the existing text and key your own text.

Spell Check: You can use automatic spell checking feature.

Appearance:You can use Auto Wizard to change the text appearance of a slide. You can use the Slide Transition from the Slide Show menu when running the slides for presentations.

Animation: To animate an object or text you add a sound effect or special visual from the Slide Show menu, choose the Custom Animation.

All of the features will help in creating a presentation that will keep your audience attention.

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