SAFETY FIRST—PowerPoint Presentation

OBJECTIVE :   Your task is to create a PowerPoint Presentation on School/Classroom Safety.   This exercise will help you improve your classroom behavior and attitude toward safety in school and in the classroom.   Use your imagination and creative abilities in designing your PowerPoint Presentation.

The presentation must include the following:

•  Title slide and a closing slide

•  Excellent design format

•  ClipArt

•  Animation Effects

•  Transition Effects

•  Spelling and Grammar Checks

•  Appropriate us of slide text management (no long sentences)

•  13 slide minimum (do not count the title slide and the closing slide in this minimum)

Grading for the assignment will be as follows.   You will receive daily grades on different parts of your project.   Your overall project grade will be based on your PowerPoint Presentation to the class.

Your topics must include, but are not limited to:

•  Fire Evacuation

List escape route plans for classroom.

List your starting location.

List 3 reasons you should know your classroom fire evacuation plan.

•  Fire Extinguisher

List 3 reasons for having fire extinguishers in the classroom.

•  Fire Drills

Prepare a labeled chart in Excel showing your location and import it into your PowerPoint presentation.

At least 3 short sentences that explain why fire drills are important.

•  Electrical Safety

List and explain possible electrical errors in the classroom

List and explain proper electrical safety in the classroom

•  Class Safety

Create a 10 question ( True/False with answer key ) Safety Test for your Business Computer Information Systems class. Include computer safety in your test.

•  Include 3 safety posters

Posters should be on computer, electrical or school safety.   These posters may be of your own choosing and design.   You may also use actual scanned pictures.

The linked rubric will be used for grading the assignment.



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