The Web offers a vase array of high-quality Web sites for students.  EdGate (Copernicus Education Gateway) collaborates with K-12 educational community.  This site focuses on student achievement by providing user-friendly, secure and personalized access Internet resources and tools. http://www.edgate.com/st_index.html

Some useful resources on their Web site consist of:  Education Gateway This web site can be customized with localized content and aggregates the highest quality teaching resources.  Education Gateway offers tools for the education community-teachers, parents and students.  Lessons and other resources are tied directly to state standards.  The standards are regularly reviewed and updated by EdGate education team. Each teacher can create their own Web page communicate with parents and students.

School Notes: This is a powerful easy to use Web-based communication tool.  This tool enables a relationship between students, teachers, and parents.  School Notes provides each teacher a Web page that students and parents are able to communicate assignments, class resources and other relevant information.  Students can use teacher-selected links to help them complete assignments.  School notes is an excellent tool. http://www.schoolnotes.com/

BigChalk products from ProQuest provide digital teaching and learning resources from grades K-12.http://www.bigchalk.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/WOPortal.woa/db/Home.htmlLibrary Support Center: BigChalk has resources to help build power search skills to any schools library.  Their K-12 library subscription services offer schools great reference resources that

facilitate student inquiry and learning.

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