Newsletter Activity Desktop Publishing with Word

You have learned that Desktop publishing is the process of combining text and graphics, using a computer, to create attractive documents.

1. For this activity you will create a Newsletter using Word creating columns with linked text or by using Microsoft Publisher and one of its newsletter templates. If you use the template, fill free to make whatever changes you want.

2. Your newsletter just needs 2 pages.

3. You can either delete the Table of contents or fill in different information.

4. Use connected boxes to do the following:

Continue a story in another text box.

Create columns of different widths.
Move overflow text into another box.

5. Use the title of your chose and a theme for your newsletter.

Example (My Summer Vacation, Playing Sports, Family Reunion , etc.)

Fill in headlines and stories for each of the 4 to 5 story areas. If you wish,
ou can add more pictures and just have 3 to 4 stories with headlines.

You can scan one to two pictures and include them in your newsletter.

The linked Rubric will be used for grading the assignment.

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