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Newsletter Activities Rubric

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Total Points = 100

_________       Correct grammar usage in Newsletter (15 pts.)

_________       No spelling errors (5 pts.)

_________       Newsletter is 2 pgs. in length (10 pts.)

_________       At least 2 pieces of clip art is included (10 pts.)

_________       At least 1 scanned picture is included. (5 pts.)

_________       At least 3 articles are included well written by the student
                        (5 pts. each=15 pts.)

__________     Text in each article flows to the next column (3-pts. each = 9 pts)

__________     Font used for article titles is larger and different 4pts.each =12 pts)

__________     Name, period, date are included (5 pts.)

__________     Title is the biggest font (5 pts.)

__________     Text wraps around inserted pictures (5 pts.)

__________     Followed all directions (4 pts.)

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