Kathy Schrock Website is a wonderful resource for parents.  Her Website can be located by going to http://school.discovery.com/parents/html.  Schrock Website covers numerous features that are helpful to parents, teachers and students.  She also has a teacher store accessible to order resources and supplies. Ms. Schrock Website offers product reviews, educational advice, study tools and homecoming resources.

Some to the topics included in Kathy Schrock's Parent Webpage are:  Achieve Math and Science Grades 1-3 -- This set of 4 CD-ROMS presents rich learning environments that encourage exploration, investigation, and independent thought.  The product from the learning company/RIV is of value both educationally and economically.  The product is very innovative and an excellent resource for children ages 5-8.  Children develop skills in visual creativity, map reading, patterns, logic and many other skills.  This product has excellent educational value for children.

Getting Your Child Ready to Read   This is a Teacher link article.   Most parents need assistance in  the art of developing literacy skills before their children can read.  This article by Christine Latici, M.S.ED., Free Lance Writer and Former Teacher, talks about the motivation needed to get your child ready to read.  Her article is easy to read and follow. 

In the Review Corner for Parents
Story Tools and Home Schooling resource is a wonderful source, whether you're helping your child with homework or assigning the homework yourself.  Puzzle maker is an excellent source you can use to create your own puzzle of any subject matter and get the answer key, at the same time!  Your child will have to do the thinking to get the answer right.  There is a menu and so you can select and make the puzzle of your choose.

On TV, Assignment Discovery, this Website is educational programming on discovery's Family of Networks.  This site gives the dates, times, and information about Animal Planet, Discovery Health and Travel Channel.

Kathy Schrock's Parent Website is truly a wonderful experience for any parent, teacher and student.


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