What we'll be learning:
  1. The Original Home Page by Barbara Christopher
  2. How to work with <BLOCKQUOTE>, <PRE>, <HR> and ALIGN IMAGES
  3. How to add a <TABLE> frame around your picture and name
  4. How to work with BGCOLOR, TEXT, LINK, VLINK, and ALINK

The topics in this lesson have been keyed with HTML for the World Wide Web, 2nd Ed. by Elizabeth Castro. "Textbook" refers to the book we're using and "Text Site" refers to on-line examples from the book.

To view the actual HTML coding of these examples and the ones on this page, select "Document Source" or "View Source" from your browser's View menu.
Let's Get Started!

The Original Home Page

This home page starts out with an image, links, and the <HTML>, <TITLE>, <HEAD>, <BODY>, <BR>, <P>, <CENTER>, and <H> tags. Now it needs a few extras !

How to work with <BLOCKQUOTE>, <PRE>, <HR> and ALIGN IMAGES

To indent an entire section of text:

To arrange text that needs unusual spacing (for example, poetry or formulas):

To draw a horizontal rule across the screen: To move a graphic to the right or the left of the screeen while the text flows beside it: