Created for the SuperComputing 98' by Cynthia Lanius- GirlTECH Program Manager and
Molly Silha -Technology Specialist at Grantham Middle School; Aldine I.S.D.


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Are your students bored of the same old routine in class? Do you want to capture your students' attention? Why not use the Internet as a teaching and learning tool? This presentation will help spice up your classroom in exciting new ways. 

Our presentation will help demonstrate how to explore the World Wide Web and search for creative lessons in mathematics and science. We will also explore the ways students can use the Internet to research real-world projects and illustrate how teachers learn from each other by     collaborating on projects.

                             Netlearning                 ENC
                      http://www.ora.com/info/netlearn/index.html                      http://enc.org

                                       MathForum                                             MST

                                             http://forum.swarthmore.edu                                  http://www.mste.uiuc.edu