Calculator Art using TI-83+ - Teacher Introduction

Teacher Introduction Page

Lesson designed for grades 9-12+

lesson was developed as part of the TeacherTech05.
Designed by Shari Schultz

This activity can be accomplished at any grade level that understands the concept of writing an equation and restrict the domain. Typically starting at grade 9 and can be use through the college level. The activity reinforces plotting ordered pairs, writing equations and restricting domains. The activity also brings in programing on the TI-83+. The length of the activity depends on the difficultyleverl assigned and the length of time allowed in class to work on it. This activity uses the WebQuest format. Thank you WebQuest.


These pages were made through TeacherTECH, the teacher professional development component of GirlTECH, which is sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EPIC.