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My name is Stephen Simmons. I am currently teaching Science and Russian at Charles H. Milby High School in Houston, Texas.

My current teaching interests include integrating Mathematics and Science, utilizing computers and the internet as educational resources and raising the level of interest in the sciences among underrepresented groups, especially girls.

Here are some lessons that I have created, along with Stacey Lynn Baxter-Rienstra. These lessons are aimed at integrating Mathematics and Science in the high school.

Utilizing internet resources to stimulate interest in Science and Mathematics among under-represented groups is an ongoing project. I have assembled the following collection of links that may be useful to teachers in these disciplines.

Here are some other projects I am currently involved in:

The IM SMART Project has received several National, State, and Local Awards.

Science & Math Teachers check out these award programs!

Some other educational resources

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Stephen B. Simmons