IM SMART Lesson "Lemonade Stand"

Lesson created by Stephen Simmonsas part of the IM SMART Project. This project seeks to integrate Mathematics and Science at Milby High School through the study, and building of, alternative fuel vehicles.


Students will play the interactive game "Lemonade Stand" in order to make correlations between sales of lemonade and factors such as temperature, weather conditions, price, and advertising. Students will be introduced to the concept of independent and dependent variables in experiments.




  • Computer with Internet access


  • Scientific method
  • Internet skills


    Students, working in teams of 3-4, are to play the game " Lemonade Stand" and record your score in the enrichment section. All game instructions are provided at the "Lemonade Stand" home page.


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    Answer the following questions

    Which factors effect the sale of lemonade?

    (check all that apply)


    Day number

    Price of lemonade

    Profit from yesterday

    Amount spent on advertisement

    Is there a relationship between temperature and lemonade sales?

    can't tell from the data

    If your answer was yes, explain this relationship in this box.

    Was this relationship always true?



    If your answer was no, explain what factors caused this relationship not to be true.

    Did anything always cause lemonade sales to drop?


    If you answered yes to the above question, what caused this drop?

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    Students will be evaluated on the reasonableness and accuracy of answers, completion of the game, and team dynamics.

    The IM SMART project, and particularly Mr. Simmons and Ms. Rienstra have received valuable assistance in the implementation of publishing these lessons on the World Wide Web from GirlTECH , a program of the Center for Research on Parrallel Computation at Rice University. Financial assistance has been provided by GTE Corporation through the GTE Growth Initiatives for Teachers (GIFT) Grant, Toyota Motor Sales USA through the Toyota TAPESTRY Grant, and The Texas General Land Office & H.E.B. Grocery's Environmental Challenge.

    Stephen Simmons