Created by GTE Fellows Stacey Lynn Baxter Rienstra and Stephen Simmons for GirlTECH '95 I M SMART LESSON PLAN

I M SMART Lesson 7

Tour De Texas

Science Objective:

To be able to estimate and use measuring devices to determine distances between two points.

Mathematics Objective:

To be able to evaluate distances of points and to use proportions to evaluate problems involving scale drawings.

Materials Needed:



Students will be given a budget and will be assigned a specified alternative-fuel vehicle. They will be given a starting point and will need to arrive in a designated finish point within 72 hours. Students will research their specific alternative-fuel choices by accessing the Alternative Fuels Data Center. Students will direct all topical questions on their specific alternative-fuel choice to the The National Alternative Fuel Hotline.

Students will plan their Tour De Texas within each design team to accomodate all participants. Travel logs will be kept to depict their simulated experiences. Students will travel in virtual reality via Internet World Wide Web Resources. Students must plan their trip carefully so as to pass several alternative-fuel refueling sites. Students will also be required to visit several tourist attractions of their own choosing via the Texas Travel Information Center.

Science Connection:

Students will estimate and measure distances. They will record data and keep logs of places visited, refueling stops, and total time spent traveling.

Mathematics Connection:

Students will be able to use proportional applications to determine actual distances traveled. Computational applications will be used to determine money spent on fuel, activities, and the amount of actual fuel expended.


Portfolio assessment will be used to evaluate design teams.

Grading Criteria: