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Student Process

  1. You will work in groups of four.
  2. Open an Excel spreadsheet. As you work your way through this lesson, you may change the design of the spreadsheet to suit your purpose.
  3. Using the URL's provided on the Resources page, locate each of the cities. Check out the cost of each amusement.
  4. Decide which city and amusement your group will visit.
  5. Using MapQuest, determine how many miles you will need to travel there and back. Assuming that your car can travel 25 miles for each gallon, determine how many gallons you will need. The cost of gas is $2.00 per gallon. How much money will you need for gas. Enter on the spreadsheet.
  6. Use the URL's on the Resources page to find a restaurant for your dinner. You will eat breakfast at home and lunch in the city of your choice. Please enter $50.00 for lunch on your spreadsheet. . You must eat your dinner at a fine restaurant and enter the amount on the spreadsheet..
  7. Complete the spreadsheet, indicating the total amount per person spent and how much money is left (if any!)
  8. Hopefully you will have enough money to get home!

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