Public Service Announcements
Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are short, "non-commercial" announcements prepared to provide information to the public. A non-commercial announcement contains information that benefits its intended audience, rather than the company that created it. For example, a PSA that provides health information differs from an ad that promotes the sale of a health product. Consequently, most PSAs are produced by nonprofit associations, but commercial, for-profit organizations may also use them to promote their nonprofit activities and events. Free air time (usually 10- to 60-second spots) on television and radio is available to groups such as community associations, advocate groups, nonprofit organizations and for-profit organizations that are promoting their community, nonprofit events with PSAs. TV and radio stations donate this air time to meet the Federal Communications Commission's public service requirements. PSAs are used by organizations to:

PSA messages:


View the following Public Service Announcments to get a better understanding of what PSAs are.