Broadcast Journalism is an introductory course for 7th grade Magnet students. This year-long course is designed to introduce students to basic videography, editing and writing. This course examines various career fields that is involved within Broadcast Journalism and/or Media.

The course skills will include expanding research skills acquired in 6th grade; critically evaluate a variety of professionally produced media; establish small production teams in order to expose students to the many roles and responsibilities of Broadcast Journalism.


Spring Semester - 2005

4th Six Weeks (Jan. 4 - Feb. 17)

  • Work individually or in groups of two.
  • Practice importing video
  • Begin editing your clips to create your 1st iMovie


5th Six Weeks (Feb. 21 - Apr. 8)

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

6th Six Weeks ( Apr. 12 - May 26)






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