Assignment #2


Instructions: Start Notepad. Perform the following steps using your computer.
  1. Open notepad
  2. Open the file aboutme.html
  3. Add a Rule Line below the end of your unordered list </UL>.(lists file)
  4. Add a heading 2 style, Ten Web Pages Worth Visiting. (headings file)
  5. Add an ordered list (lists file) of the following information: the title to ten web sites that you enjoy visiting. [write the web page title and the complete address on index cards]
  6. Add a hyperlink to each title above. (textlink.html) order of tags the:
    <LI><A HREF=""></A></LI>
  7. Close the body, close the HTML file, and save the file.
  8. Validate the file
  9. Print the aboutme.html notepad file.
  10. Open the aboutme.html file in your browser.
  11. Print the Web page.
  12. Write your name and date on the printouts and hand them in.

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