You will create a web page that defines the different formatting styles. Use the instructions below to create and save three different small web pages in your folder.
Complete the following steps for each file listed below:

  1. Open your HTML editor, Notepad.
  2. Minimize Notepad.
  3. Open your browser, Explorer.
  4. Select the following Link, HTMLementary Tutorial.
  5. Select the tutorial link.
  6. Locate each one and create a HTML file for each: (reminder you are adding to your reference files)
    1. Logical Styles - save as logical.html
    2. Physical Styles - save as physical.html
    3. Preformatted Text - save as preformatted.html

Use the directions below to get you started.

  1. A new browser window will open with the text on the left-side that you will copy into notepad. Upon completion, your file should look like the display on the right-side.
  2. With the new browser window still open, maximize Notepad so that you can still see the Headings HTML.
  3. Type only the HTML portion.
    • example: (remember to capitalize all TAGS)
    • <HTML>
    • <HEAD>
    • <TITLE>...
    • continue typing until you reach </HTML>
  4. Select Save As from the menu bar
  5. Open your named folder in My documents.
  6. Type the File name
  7. Select Save.
  8. Open your page in Explorer to view your finished page.
  9. Be sure to check for the following errors if your browser does not display the headings properly:
    • tag spelling
    • missing bracket
    • tag in wrong location