Bill House
Ross Elementary School
Subject: Social Studies

Topic: Use the internet to find the people who represent you in government if you live in Texas. 

Purpose: Students will use the internet to access the Senate Kids web site to answer a set of questions about their representatives and senators.

Materials:Internet access and a pencil.

Prior knowledge: The students need to know their complete home address and should know how to use the internet.

Description: Students will know how to access a specific URL, navigate through the web site, find specific information, and realize that someone represents them in government.

Time: Approximately 30 minutes plus additional time to explore on your own.

Procedure: The student will access the Senate Kids web site, navigate to the Citizens Handbook, submit their home address, discover who represents them, and answer a few questions about the government representation.

Suggested URLs pertaining to lesson:  www.senate.state.tx.us/kids/


  1. Explain concept of representation in government.
  2. Explain completion of work sheet and how to submit answers to teacher.
  3. Log on to internet.
  4. Find Senate Kids site.
  5. The answers to most of the questions below can be found at Senator List.
  6. Explain methods of navigating around a web site.
  7. After you complete the assignment, you may explore this site further.

    Extension: See if you can find out how much a Texas Senator and how much a Texas Representative gets paid per year.

    Gender Issues: How many women and people with Hispanic surnames are in the Texas Senate and House of Representatives?  :) 

    Special thanks to:  Susan Boone of GirlTECH for her time and forethought in preparing an outline for this lesson plan.

    Reference: Senate Kids


    Who Represents You?

    1. Who is your United States Senator? _________________________
    2. Who is your Texas Senator? _______________________________
    3. Who is your Texas Representative? __________________________
    4. Who is your State Board of Education Member? _________________
    5. Name five women senators: ___________________________
    6. _________________________
    7. _________________________
    8. _________________________
    9. _________________________
    10. How many representatives are in the Texas House of Representatives? ____
    11. How long is the term of a Texas Representative? _________
    12. How many senators are in the Texas Senate? ___________
    13. How long is a Texas Senator's term? ____________
    Your name ________________________________

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