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So, you've got the concept of what a function is down. Good! And we've moved up a level and had an introduction lesson to what a composite function is. (Isn't it exciting to realize that you are making progress? :-) In this lesson, you'll search and check-out other lessons posted on the web to help nail down the topic: What in the world is a Composite Function? Let's begin!

Wait- If you feel like you need to review what a function is, check out the function section listed in the resources.








You will demonstrate your understanding of what a composite function is by working with your group:

1. Browse and learn from lessons posted on the web.
2. Produce a power point presentation (between 3 to 5 minutes in length) explaining what a composite function is.
3. Your power point should include specific elements listed in process.
4. The content of the power point should be mathmatically correct.










  1. First you'll be assigned to a team of 3 students. You will need a leader, a presenter, and a recorder. LEADER - Responsible for keeping the group on task and help make final selection of slides. PRESENTER - The one who'll do the power point presentation. RECORDER - The one who'll keep the record and work on the keyboard.

  2. Once you've picked a role to play, research the web and locate lessons on Composite Functions. You may use the resources posted here or use the ones you've found.

  3. Select the lesson (on web site) your group likes the best and use it as a base to produce a power point presentation (between 3 to 5 minutes long) using your own explanation of what a composite function is.
  4. The power point should include the following elements.

    1. The title slide with the name and the role of the each group member.
    2. Slides demonstrating the discovery of interactive session using the composite functions java applet, resources #4 . For example, start your interactive session with f(x) = 5x and g(x) = x+5. Then switch the function by letting f(x) = x+5 and g(x)=5x. Notice the change. Why is an entry "undefined"? Can you adjust any of the settings to control the "undefined" entries?
    3. One of the slides should discuss the concept of domain and range of composite functions.
    4. Include 3 different examples of composite functions. Each member should provide one example each.
    5. The final slide should be the reference slide citing your sources in the correct URL format. High light the resource your group liked best.

  1. To understand how your work will be assessed, click evaluation to review the rubric.






You should have acquired an in depth knowledge of what a composite function is and transformed such knowledge into a power point presentation produced by your group.


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