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Trigonometry! What is it? You'll investigate the meaning of the word "trigonometry", it's evolution, a few of the contributing mathematicians, and it's impact on the society through this lesson. You'll rely on the convenience and the over-whelming resources on the web to accomplish our goal.






You are to write a 2 PAGE PAPER on trig with the following contents.

  1. 1st introduction paragraph:
    i) The meaning of the word "Trigonometry" based on origin of the word.
    ii) Historically, how did trigonometry come about?

  2. 2nd paragraph:
    i) Name two persons associated with the development of modern (after year 1200) trig.
    ii) What did each contribute? Include dates of their contributions.

  3. 3rd paragraph:
    Describe how trig is used in 3 unrelated occupations.

  4. 4th paragraph:
    Compare and contrast the early history of trigonometry (information gathered for the 1st paragraph) discribed in 3 different websites. List the similarities and the differences among these websites. Do you find any one of them as a more reliable source? Explain why including URL differences.

  5. 5th paragraph:
    What do you anticipate in the trigonometry unit which we are about to begin?

  6. Reference page - Not part of the 2 page trig paper but as a separate page at the end. Yes, basically it'll be your 3rd page! This page should list resources you've used to write your paper in the proper MLA form.


  1. Search the web resources provided to gather necessary information to write your trig paper. Be sure to take a note for each resource you check out so that you could site the ones you used in your work. You may use up to 3 other websites of your choice for each of the paragraph content and they need to be properly sited in the correct MLA form in your reference page at the end.

  2. Write the paper using "Arial" font style with size 12 or neatly hand written.

  3. The paper should have a cover page that includes the title, your name, due date, and your class period.

  4. Check the evaluation section to understand how your work will be graded.

  5. The paper must be turned in by the start of the class on the date it's due for the full credit.



So then, Trigonometry! What is it? You should feel proud to have written a 2 page paper showing off your knowledge gained through this lesson and be able to answer the question! Good job!


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