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TeacherTECH 2001

June 18 - 29, 2001

Welcome and introduction by Cynthia Lanius
Bug Catching
Charles Pate Carolyn Marshall
Anita Lee Larry and Joyce Bradshaw
Awareness Day - Texas K-12 Educational System
Localization Algorithms for an Autonomous Campus Tour Guide by Dr. Devika Subramanian
Dr. Devika Subramanian
Bugscope Presentation by Judy Lee
Larry Bradshaw and Judy Lee Larry Bradshaw and Judy Lee
Master teachers and participants in the classroom
Susand Boone and Vykye Cox
Paulette Boger and Michael Sirois
Rene Sandel and James Stones
Susan Boone and Irma Guerra
Computing Revolution: Effects on Doing Science - Graduate Panel
Graduate Student Summer Husband Graduate Student Victor Udewa


Final Day - Presentations

Dean Kathleen Matthews


Dean Kathleen Matthews

Leaders and Participants



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