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TeacherTECH 2002

June 3 - 14, 2002

Cynthia Lanius Cynthia Lanius

Cynthia Lanius welcomes TeacherTECH '02 participants.



Success For All: Its Contradictions and Challenges

Dr. Tapia TeacherTECH group
Dr. Richard Tapia Consuelo Llamas asks a question to Dr. Tapia.
Seth Gloria Yoder and Dr. Tapia
Seth Batiste gives a comment Gloria Yoder and Dr. Tapia
Educating Girls in the Computer Age
Cynthia Agustin and Analyn
Cynthia Lanius Agustin Sanchez and Analyn Alquitran pay close attention to Cynthia.
Bonnie, Consuelo and Yelena Deanna Chipman
Bonnie Bracey, Consuleo Llamas and Yelena Dymnikova Deanna Chipman
Susan Boone Michael Sirois
Master Teacher Susan Boone gives instructions to the participants Master Teacher Michael Sirois
Monique and Carrie Marilyn, Robert and Valerie
Master Teacher Monique Gordon helps Carrie Flores Robert Sveter, Master Teacher Mariyln Turmelle and Valerie Olson
Deanna and Ky Hilena Vargas and Ann Isbell

GK-12 Fellow Deanna Chipman with Ky Willson

Technology Coordinator Hilena Vargas helps Ann Isbelle
Asale Harris and Tracey Gibson Susan Boone and Irma Guerra
Asale Harris and Tracey Gibson work in their web lessons. Lab assistant Chris Thomas and Mifta Redi
Bonnie Bracey and Jessica Lopez Consuelo Llamas, Susan Boone and Bobbie Peters
Lab assistant Jessica Lopez and Bonnie Bracey. Consuelo Llamas, Susan Boone and Bobbie Peters
Dean Kathleen Matthews

TeacherTECH '97 participant Jo Leland helps TeacheTECH participants

Chandra Jones
Dean Kathleen Matthews

Paulette Dukerich and Shirley Willlingham

Lab assistant Jennifer Lopez helps Consuelo Llamas

GK-12 Fellows Kellie Butler and Wilber Rivas

Michael Sirois helps Asale Harris
Susan Boone and Bobbie Peters during "Salad Day" Michale Sirois, Kirlew Matthew, Gloria Yoder and Yelena Dymnikova
AGEP students join TeacherTECH in their last day. Students introduce themselves.

Research Presentations

Diane Jamrog

Rachel Vincent

Ricardo Vargas

Summer Husband

Victor Udoewa

Don Williams

Science Show by Dr. Enrique Barrera

Dr. Barrera asks Agustin to bend a metal rod.

Cynthia Lanius, Hilena Vargas, Michael Sirois, Susan Boone

Monique Gordon, Michael Sirois, Susan Boone, Hilena Vargas

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