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This page highlights the many prestigious accomplishments and awards of TeacherTECH participants. It includes numerous awards, grants, fellowships, and presentations at conferences. Please email me (hvargas@rice.edu) with any additions of which you are aware for either yourself or others.

Bonnie Bracey works internationally with the Greek project ECTC on media for Children by presenting high technology and is helping them plan the next Agora which will be held in Italy. She is working with Karen Buller of www.niti.org, on developing lesson plans for the Navajo site. She is on a task force that evaluates E Learning for the National Staff Development Council, which published "E-Learning for Educators: Implementing the Standards for Staff Development". She is an associate of the Thornburg Center and has helped creating videos for Canter which are a Master's degree program. She participated in a special meeting with the National Policy Association on the education and the digital divide area. She is also participating in developing www.edreform.net as a portal for teachers.

Susan Boone presented with Michael Sirois at TCEA in Austin February 2002 Women Web Warriors. She also presented presented at the invitation only TCET Dare to Share Conference at the University of North Texas in September, 2001. Five students from her Web Mastering class participated in HISD's Digital Publishing Fair and three won first place entries, one second place and one for Best of Show. See their work at http://www.westsidewolves.org/webmastering/digpub/ .

Barbara Christopher presented at the invitation only TCET Dare to Share Conference at the University of North Texas in September, 2001.

Marcella Dawson received this year the Light Study Web Academic Excellence Award for her web lesson "Similarities Between Earth and Mars: There's No Place Like Home".

Paulette Dukerich won the BP/KHOU TV Leadership Award and received $8,000 to develop elementary curriculum to teach about Clean Air.

Georgia Louviere attended (June 25-July5) the WebWatcher Summer Institute K-6 at the NSTA headquarters in Arlington, Virginia. She was chosen from 450 candidates to attend this workshop which was funded by the National Science Foundation. There were 23 other participants from all over the country. I was part of the group that searched the internet for outstanding websites that matched the National Science Standards on the topic of Earth and Space. Each group was made up of 6 teachers. The other groups were Heredity, Organisms, and Materials and Matter. It was our job to evaluate the websites we found with a rubric which was especially designed for this workshop. The websites will be made available to all teachers as part of a WEBWATCHER GUIDE which will be formally released in the fall. The Guide will represent the best websites in Science to help teachers intergrate the internet into their curriculum.

Karen North on April 2002 was chosen as one of 20 public school teachers from across the country to receive a National TeachNet Award. As a grant recipient, Karen's technology-enhanced lesson plans are published on the Teachers Network web site.

Valerie Olson was a presenter at TMSA 2002, Houston - "Math and Language Arts: An Integrated Approach". She also was a participant in the International Space Station Downlink sponsored by ESC Region IV and NASA.

Peggy E. Schweiger won the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for Texas (2002) and was named to USA Today's All American TeachingTeam (2002).

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