CEEE TeacherTECH '05 Acknowledgements

CEEE TeacherTECH '05 owes its success to . . .


For giving up countless hours of your summer to become more knowledgeable teachers. All of you make it all worthwhile.

Master Teachers Susan Boone & Barbara Christopher

For expertly planning, publishing and implementing a really fine curriculum in the grandest of styles.

Rice University Computer Science Professor &Chair, Dr. Keith Cooper

For his wonderful presentation.

Rice University Graduate Students

For the outstanding research presentations.

CEEE Director Richard Tapia

For insightful presentation on underrepresentation and computational science.

CEEE Technology Coordinator Hilena Vargas

For making sure all our technology needs are met and helping to coordinate the program.

CEEE Program Administrator Linda Torres

For behind the scenes, taking care of paper work and paying the bills.

CEEE CS-CAMP Program Manager Michael Sirois

For his gender and technology presentations.

CEEE Staff Assistant, Miinkay Yu

For helping as lab and office assistant. We couldn't do it without you.

Rice ITS Staff

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