CEEE TeacherTECH Goals

TeacherTECH is the teacher professional development component of the GirlTECH program.


The goals and objectives of TeacherTECH include:


Goal 1: To equip teachers with knowledge and strategies that will encourage all students' full participation in computer technology, especially in scientific computing.

To accomplish this goal, the program will:

evaluate research about women's underrepresentation in SMET, especially the high-tech fields. It will include statistics on underrepresentation, history of the problem, gains made, etc.;

use equity assessment tools to evaluate their own and others' teaching and counseling practices and materials and furnish them with design tools to develop more equitable teaching practices and materials;

evaluate research on the need for intervention to engage girls in SMET. It will include statistics on girls turning off to science, math, and technology, (SMET) K-12 course-taking patterns, computer use, etc.; and gain successful strategies for working with girls in computing (work with parents to make sure they encourage girls at home, invite teams of girls to get involved in SMET, develop projects that appeal to girls, encourage girls to enroll in highest SMET courses on campus), etc.;

learn about gender equity as it pertains to girls of color or those with disabilities;

learn about exemplary SMET teaching activities and projects consistent with national science and/or mathematics standards that have been tested to be effective with girls;

gain knowledge of scientific computing and how it has changed the way scientists do their work;

gain career counseling on opportunities available to women in SMET, especially the newest fields of science and computing, i.e. bioinformatics, computational sciences, internetics, etc.; and

learn about role models. Examples of women scientists abound on the web. A user-friendly compilation of these along with activities to use with the compilation will be included.



Goal 2: To enable teachers to effectively use and produce web resources that support student learning.

To accomplish this goal, participants in TeacherTECH will:

become familiar with educational web resources, including:

  1. state and national content standards,
  2. sites with curricular resources, and
  3. professional teacher organizations' sites;
  4. review other classroom web sites and distinguish between effective and ineffective web pages;

establish criteria for effective web design;

  1. well-spaced layout
  2. color coordination
  3. effective graphics

identify the elements contained in an effective Internet lesson;

distinguish between Internet directories and search engines and use effective search techniques, including Boolean logic;

write html code and use editing software to create Internet lessons that include:

  1. accurate and creative content that aligns with national, state, and local standards,
  2. relevant links to supporting curricular web sites,
  3. assessment of learning
  4. practical and timely information about the lesson for teachers,
  5. attractive and modern features that will engage students, and
  6. well-designed navigational and feed-back features.

make their web site accessible to their students and to the learning community-at-large by a file transfer protocol into the Rice server;

support an electronic collaborative community of TeacherTECH participants;

understand current copyright laws and giving appropriate credit on their web pages; and

discover Internet sites that offer free, or practically free, tools for enhancing web pages.

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